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Synchronization of your sales channels

arendicom accompanies you around the theme eCommerce and sync your distribution channels, online and offline. Everywhere we can read and hear terms such as multi-channel, cross-channel and omni-channel. The consumer changes his customer journey constantly, is unpredictable and doesn’t think in distribution channels. The focus of the final consumer is the brand and the product. They want to buy, when, where and how they want. Only brands that meet this requirement may in the fu-ture bind the consumer to the brand. End users change on the way from the information and pur-chase preparation to final purchase (often several times) the sales channels. The challenge for brands is becoming larger.

Operating mode of the online shop

arendicom offers manufacturers and dealers all necessary services in the preparation, implementa-tion and operational mode of online shops, as well their integration with other distribution channels.

arendicom service portfolio

arendicom is a full-service & consulting partner for the Internet marketing of your high-quality branded products.

eCommerce Consulting- analysis, strategy and planningSet up online store - development and implementation, custom programming, design for special features and interface connection.eCommerce support in business operations

Successfully Implementing Online store and eCom-merce projects!

Realize successful online projects together with the arendicom e-commerce experts! Of course, we can also help you with the complete realization of your online projects and take care when required by all relevant areas, so that your project can successfully start. Even after the launch of your online project, you are not alone, our eCommerce experts are al-ways happy to provide help and advice.

Put on the online distribution system of the next generation, and we always provide you the best personal care.

Quickly and easily contact your personal eCommerce experts.


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