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Contemporary eCommerce for brands

As a brand, you can use various strategies and solutions today to sell successfully online. An own brand online shop offers higher attractiveness especially through the integration of sales partners and sales channels and thus leads to higher sales and stronger brand loyalty.

The advantages for the brand of having its own brand shop:

  • Focus on the core competencies with full control over the presentation in the own-brand online shop. 100% conformity with CI and CD.
  • Additional turnover in eCommerce: mono-brand shops generate additional turnover which hardly channels the previous turnover from other channels. This is your chance for sales growth.
  • Presentation of the entire product portfolio as it is otherwise not shown in online shops of retail partners. Promotion of new products and product categories, or those that are not sufficiently accepted by the retail partner, advice for the consumer.

Advantages of multichannel in brand shops:

  • Partnership approach – with dealers or distribution partners, rather than competing with existing distribution channels.
  • Leveraging the capabilities of partners on the ground
  • Leveraging partners’ product availability for an expanded offer
  • Local delivery routes to the customer
  • Sustainable logistics with CO2 savings
  • If applicable, offer Click & Collect – pick-up on-site instead of shipping
  • Partner takes over after-sales service and looks after customers regionally/locally
  • Internationally, the sales partners can act nationally and thus relieve the brand

Advantages for the local dealer/distributor:

  • The turnover of the brand shop, which the local partner serves, strengthens his turnover. This is an enormous advantage, especially nowadays.
  • Regional partners can contribute their local expertise and services to the brand shop.

Advantages for customers:

  • The customer wants to be able to buy from the brand and choose from the complete range.
  • Through the regional partner, the purchase becomes “local” and brings him a local service.
  • Sustainability in online shopping is becoming increasingly important. Short transport routes and environmentally friendly solutions with the strengthening of local trade are becoming increasingly important.