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B2B Business

Brands do not only sell B2C to unknown customers with a brand shop. It is also possible to sell online to regular customers through B2B shops. With Shopware, you have a very powerful tool at your disposal to serve diverse customer groups. The Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition in particular offers a powerful platform here. An online shop system can cover all sales channels centrally and internationally. Here, the requirements are often very individual.

Usecases B2B/B2C

Sedus – B2C Shop and B2B Platform

Sedus Logo

Both private and corporate customers can buy office furniture from Sedus. Demand is particularly high in times of home offices. As an international company, Sedus involves its subsidiaries in many countries. Basic shop management is handled by the parent company, while local market support is provided by the national subsidiaries.

Product: Full service from arendicom for an online shop with Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition for B2C shop and B2B sales channels with connection to SAP


Airex Logo

Whether privately at home or in the gym or at the physiotherapist’s, Airex is the market leader in sports and gymnastics mats. The entire product portfolio can be purchased in the B2C brand shop in 40 countries. Private customers, as well as studios and practices in some countries, are supplied by local dealers. In many countries, sales are made directly from the brand to the customer. In this way, strong markets and takeaway markets can be served. Especially new countries can be built up in the initial phase through online business, even if the distribution and retail structure is not yet established. To offer specialist dealers and distributors a professional digital way to purchase, a B2B shop is also in operation in addition to the B2C shop.

Product: Full service by arendicom for B2C and B2B online shop with Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition and connection to SAP