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What we want to take away from you: 

Many processes and framework conditions in B2C are complex and require a lot of competence and resources. Here you can hand over a lot of effort and responsibility to arendicom. Use the following services to turn fixed costs into variable costs: 


Don’t worry about the hosting of your shop and your data. Leave the data backup and data security to arendicom and its hosting specialists. Scalability for increasing visitor volumes or seasonally high traffic is also ensured.  


Arendicom has connected the main payment methods to the system via specialized partners. Use this infrastructure without having to take care of suitable partners and contracts yourself. Credit cards, PayPal, payment on open accounts, and various other payment methods are made available – with the exclusion of payment defaults.  


Arendicom takes care of invoicing or crediting consumers, bookkeeping, and incoming and outgoing payments. All suppliers, whether area partners or brands, receive automated invoices, quickly and easily – analog and for further digital processing.  


Arendicom takes care of the communication with your customers. All concerns about buying, payment, delivery, and returns are handled by our customer service. Only product inquiries are forwarded to the brand. 


All invoices for deliveries and returns including fees are prepared and sent by arendicom. The payment can also be made by us.  

All legal texts are managed by arendicom and are always up-to-date. In cooperation with TrustedShops©, the legal situation of your brand shop is guaranteed to always be up-to-date. This is particularly important against the background of the constantly changing legal situation in eCommerce and consumer protection. This gives you a guarantee against warnings. 


In principle, you can deliver all over the world. Especially for cross-border deliveries in Europe to end consumers, but also deliveries within countries outside the home country, arendicom can take over the VAT complexity. You, therefore, do not need to open a fiscal representation in the individual countries and save yourself costs.