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Online sales strategies for brands

Brand shop with integration of the local specialised trade

Today, the customer expects to be able to buy directly from the brand. The reason is that the customer wants to choose from the brand’s complete range. Many customers have increased trust in the brand and want to be sure that they receive original products of 1a quality. It makes sense to expand the brand shop by integrating existing sales partners. Whether specialist retailers, franchisees, wholesalers, or distributors, local partners can add value for the customer and the brand.
For example, local inventory in the market can improve availability, shorten delivery routes and, most importantly, improve performance internationally. The customer has a regional service partner who is also available for after-sales service.

Brand shop with selected sales partners

Instead of integrating many local retailers, it can make sense to integrate only one or a few partners per country into the online shop. This can be a distributor, a subsidiary, a wholesaler, or an efficient retailer. The brand shop operates internationally. Delivery takes place nationally.

Brand shop without sales partner

For some brands, it is not practical or possible to include local retail partners in the shop. Direct delivery to the customer is the best solution. In this case, too, the use of the arendicom solution can bring advantages. Be it the technical and procedural takeover by arendicom to avoid fixed costs and cost-effectively organize the online business. Or to reduce complexity by using the infrastructure and the international set-up of arendicom. The implementation time and initial costs can be reduced. The complexity is shifted from the brand to arendicom. Various services can simplify the operational business through arendicom.