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The History

  • 2007 Birth of the Idea: eCommerce for brands with retailers connection
  • 2008 Foundation of Arendicom GmbH in January
  • 2008 The first online store is Pikeur in December 
  • 2009 Dominik Gehlen has joined the management team
  • 2010 Expansion into other industries, including toys and fashion
  • 2011 arendicom Release 2.0 with new shop system (plus system)
  • 2012 Professional traders are given with the specialized trade system, the possibility of its own shops
  • 2013 B2B system is launched.
  • 2013 Strategic partnership with shopgate for mCommerce  
  • 2014 relocation of the offices within Tutzing for expansion
  • 2015 new relocation of the offices within Tutzing

The company's name

The company name arendicom consists of "Arendi" and "com"

"Arendi" is derived from the term "R & D". "R & D" is an abbreviation for "Research and Development". "Research" refers in arendicom substantially market research. "Development" means the software and Internet applications.

The second part of the Name is "com" the division commerce again. Specifically, this refers to eCommerce. The trade with goods on the internet arendicom provides different platforms. The first platform came with "".

The Team

arendicom relies on the expertise of experienced e-commerce and online experts.

Marcus Krehan is one of the two directors and is responsible for sales and marketing. Marcus Krehan worked for sporting goods manufacturers and distributors as managing director and is primarily responsible for strategy and business development at arendicom.

Dominik Gehlen took over in January 2009, as the Commercial Director at arendicom and since the beginning of 2010 also as Operating Officer. Dominik Gehlen worked over the past two decades in leading positions for the areas, collect Finance / Controlling, Human Resources and Logistics in several industries. He is responsible primarily for Finance, Operations, key account and HR.

Robert Kwiecien leads the IT and Development department at arendicom. As such, Robert Kwiecien is also the direct technical contact for our partners and customers. With his experienced arendicom IT team he supplies customized solutions for technical requests from our partners and coordinates our IT resources, from concept thorough development, to deployment.


Contact arendicom

Arendicom GmbH
Ziegeleistr. 12
D-82337 Tutzing

Tel.:  +49 (0)8158 9303 0
Fax.: +49 (0)8158 9303 66

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