Why eCommerce

Why eCommerce is becoming increasingly important for brand manufacturers

Sales in the retail tores are growing only in a few sectors. Usually there is only a displacements of sales on the surface to online sales. eCommerce is growing every year, usually at considerable rates.

This situation requires all market participants to adapt to constantly changing conditions.

eCommerce has become a top priority for brand manufacturers as well for traders.

Particularly brands, which are not yet optimally positioned in online trading, must now prepare.

The shopping behavior of consumers is changing

not only steadily towards the purchase of the net. The buyer can no longer forced to the predefined distribution channels. Buy offline today, tomorrow online. The purchase preparation takes place online, the purchase we finalize at the retail-store and vice versa.

Mobile commerce is on the rise

Mobile commerce is now a significant proportion of sales in eCommerce and via mobile websites and shopping apps. Today's consumers are expecting to buy directly from the home page of a brand. The synchronization of distribution channels is a key challenge to give potential buyers the opportunity when, where and how they want to buy.

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